Bike Repairs, Single Speed Conversions and Bike Donations
Let us take care of all your bike needs!
RecycBike is a small bike shop that repairs road, race, kids, tri and mountain bikes in White Bear Lake, MN.  We also specialize in single speed conversions!  We can take that old bike and turn it into the ultimate cruizing or off season traing tool with extra cool!

Our greatest mission though is repairing and repurposing bikes of all kinds for donation to local, national and world bicycle empowerment and relief organizations.  A large portion of our profits go directly into our bike donation program.  
Full Service
Helpful Staff
Bike Repair
From cruizers to elctronic shifting speed machines, we can help you with the reight repairs and the right advice.
We have been riding, racing and fixing bikes for many years.  Our head mechanic, Pete can give you honest advice on what you do and do not need. 
See what we can help you with.  From a simple tune up to gluing tubulars and dialing in your power meter.
Start Riding a Single Speed!
Single Speed bikes are cool, period!  Don't get them mixed up with a fixed gear bike.  A single speed has one gear like it's fixed cousin, but that is where most of the similarities end.  
Single speed bikes are flexible from racing machines, commuters, cyclocross mudsters and everything in between.  A single speed bike is the perfect early season training tool and late season taper machine.  Depending on your setup, there is no loafing on a single speed making it a perfect training bike.
But that sounds hard!!  
Actually, let us show you the pure joy of eliminating the worry of constant shifting!
Donate Your Old Bikes!!
Bike Repair
Single Speed Conversion
Be "that person" beating down your street on a super cool ride.  Whether you are a 25 year old hipster or a 75 year old grandma, Single Speeds are cool, simple and easy to maintain.  No bulky shifters and gears to get in the way!!
*At RecycBike, we are passionate about giving back to local, national and global bike stewardship and donation programs.  Please contact us to donate your used kids bikes, aluminum/carbon road and mountain bikes.  We offer free pickup for donated bikes in the Twin Cities Metro Area!
Honest and up front bike repair.  We will tell you what you do and do not need with no extra fluff.  We are a small shop that works evenings and weekends on a limited basis.  We appreciate your understanding that this is a business of giving back to the community and helping bring more biking fun to you and your family! 

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Bike Repair
We have a full compliment of repair options.  From replacing brake pads to a total overhaul, we have you covered.  We are a small home based business that prides itself on customer service and helpful bike knowledge.  
All of our bike repairs come through our partner Tri Fitness, a leader in multisport training.  As one of the most established, passionate, and knowledgeable multi-sport businesses in the Upper Midwest, Tri Fitness is designed with the athlete - and triathlete - in mind.